Curious About Cowork Frederick? (June Edition)

Curious About Cowork Frederick?

Well, read on! This monthly news post provides a summary of what we've been up to and what's coming next.

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What We've Been Up To

Our membership continues to grow. Two weeks ago a woman came in, lured by the Coworking Manifesto we've posted and the general "buzz" she's heard about Cowork Frederick. We took her on a tour and talked at length about her vision for her own business. She left inspired, but unsure if she should wait a bit before signing up. She came back early the next morning and announced she'd decided to join our community. That story has been repeated time and time again.

We now average just under 7 members in the building on a daily basis plus others (non-members) in meetings or classes. Having a full house is great, but more important is the "gelling" of the community. Nearly every day we see coworkers helping each other, sharing ideas, and teaming up. This sort of accelerated serendipity is a good part of what coworking is all about.

Beth Mende Conny had a successful First Saturday showing of her "Art of Words: Illustrated Writings" exhibit and James Hersick gave a compelling talk about his business ventures, Rocket Fuel Design Company and Equilibrium. Oh, and we finalized arrangements and Frederick Community College began teaching classes in our Conference Room. "Social Thursdays" include a 2 1/2 hour class and a trip to Alive @ Five for some networking and fun afterwards. Our members are increasingly teaching classes in our space as well. Cowork Frederick is a "friend" of Alive @ Five, which got us a nice batch of tickets, so we've been heading down after work on Thursdays as well!

We've been busy turning suggestions from our members into reality. Among the new things at Cowork Frederick are a new layout for dedicated desks, lockers, sound-dampening foam in a phone room, and ... wait for it ... a gazebo in the backyard.

Free First Fridays! Coworking is communal, collaborative, supportive, motivating, inspirational ... it's not a place; it's an experience. We're continuing our arms-open-wide invitation to experience coworking with free Day Passes to those who come to any First Friday event.

What's In Store

Artist of the Month: Bill Moser
Featured Member: Derrick Miller

We post new events weekly. Here's a few coming soon that you might be interested in. Please check our Community Event Calendar and/or Facebook page for more.

- Jun 06 FCC Social Thursdays! Apps+Tools+Plaform: Technonerd!
- Jun 07 Featured Member Breakfast: Derrick Miller 
- Jun 07 What Your Accountant Wishes You New About Your Business

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