New Things (May 2013 Edition)

Thanks to the great input of our members, we made some recent changes to the Cowork Frederick workspace. Let's take a look.

2013-05 Recent Updates 1a - Dedicated DesksAsked for input on how we could improve, members Tom Semmes and Derrick Miller let us know the dedicated desks in our Focus Room didn't dedicate enough space to each person. They also suggested a bit of storage space and a small measure of privacy. 2013-05 Coders at workSo, we went from 30 x 40 inches of workspace to 30 x 50 inches per person (going from 3 chairs along a wall down to 2). We addressed both storage and privacy by adding small shelves that sit on the desks between each member. Wanting room for more dedicated desks, we then took out the 4x6 table that was in the middle of the room and added 2 more dedicated desk spots. 3 are taken, 3 are left! Don't delay! 🙂

2013-05 Recent Updates 2 - Former Cozy RoomWith the 4x6 table needing a home and members needing another peaceful place to work (thank you Beth Conny for your input), we repurposed the former "Cozy Room". Is that peaceful or what? This room now needs a new name. Any ideas? Remember we're sticking to words that start with a "C" or an "F" (consistent with Cowork Frederick, get it?). Concerned you've lost your Cozy Room? Have no fear! We're getting a love seat / oversized chair and maybe, just maybe that beanbag chair member Kimba Green has been asking for since last Fall and putting it in the room just off of the locker/phone room space - our new Cozy Room.

2013-05 Recent Updates 4 - Lockers


Did I say lockers? Why yes! After weeks of waiting on a back-order, we finally received and built (yes, they came completely unassembled in boxes so we could get them up the stairs) and installed. 22 of them to be exact. Want one? Full-and part-time members get a locker with their membership. Others can get a locker for a nominal add-on to their monthly membership fee.

2013-05 Recent Updates 3 - Phone Room FoamWe had sound insulation put inside the walls of our phone rooms, but found the room on the right, in particular, was a bit "echoey" (we learned plaster walls are famously good at bouncing sound around). The curtains we added to the glass door weren't helping as much as we hoped. Noticing the problem, member John Cromartie donated foam panels and even some spray glue. We installed the panels on the ceiling. Looks cool, huh? Thanks John! Our next job is putting up another sound-absorbing wall decoration. Look for that in our next update. Think that's it? Nope! There's more! We've saved, perhaps, the most popular update for last.

2013-05 Recent Updates 5 - GazeboWe planned to have the entire backyard re-landscaped, but, budgets being what they are, found we had to delay that bigger project. We spotted this gazebo and, wanting an affordable way to make the back patio a nicer place to hang out or even to work, we bought it and had it up in less than 2 days! It took only about 5 minutes for it to be put to use! We're planning a little "get together" for members to celebrate all the recent updates. Fresh, home-made margarita anyone?


122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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