June Artist of the Month: Bill Moser

William M. Moser, Jr. -  Painter, Illustrator, and Art Director - was born in 1924 in eastern Pennsylvania. At the early age of 13 he showed signs of artistic ability. During his high school years he was an active member of the Sketch Club.  In 1943, two weeks after graduating, he joined the U.S. Navy to serve his country during WWII. Upon completing his military service, William attended Mulhenberg College for a year, then continued his education at the National Art School in Washington, D.C., concentrating primarily in fine art.
2013-06 - William (Bill) Moser Art 2

"Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys!"

In 1950, William Moser was hired by the federal government as an illustrator and later as an art director. For 37 years he was employed by the Air Force, The Defense Intelligence Agency, and Navy Recruiting Command.


Because of its classified nature, very little of the art produced for the Air Force and Intelligence Agency was released to the public, but virtually everything created for the Recruiting Command was for public consumption. Creating posters, publications, and displays, paintings, drawings, and prints of national heroes, ships, and historic events was an ongoing mission. Many original pieces of art are now housed in the National Navy Art Museum and the National Archives, both located in Washington, DC.

"When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again"

In 1950 he also married a fellow artist, who joined him in displaying their fine art. Numerous pieces of William and Virginia's art are represented in private collections and in public buildings throughout the US ranging from Maine to California, and from Washington state to Florida.

2013-06 - William (Bill) Moser Art 4

"Memories" (from Cats)

During the early years Bill gained recognition for his award-winning fine art paintings, and one-man shows. In later years, most of his time was occupied doing commissioned work. As a teacher of art, his message was simple – “As long as man is FREE to create or experiment, whether it be art or science, the journey will be fulfilling and exciting.”

Bill categorizes himself as a "colorist" -- meaning that he uses more vibrant, rich color for his works. Other examples of "colorists" can be found in the Impressionists painters. He paints primarily with acrylics and occasionally with watercolor. He has also completed several drawing series.

2013-06 - William (Bill) Moser Art 1

"The Glamorous Life" (A Little Night Music)

Bill leans more toward classical "realism", which involves such things as portraits and recognizable objects, but has explored other themes, ranging from landscapes and seascapes to figure studies, which included sporting events, historical events and sights, and portraits of contemporaries. He continues to experiment with themes -- this time with songs and musical themes. From Bill's daughter, Ginger, "We used to have music in the house a lot. My mother and father played instruments and sang. My dad still goes around singing. We all liked musicals and wanted to reflect our love of music in this exhibit."

Join us June 1, 5 - 9 pm, for a reception and showing of Bill's "Music to Paint By" paintings.

Bill's work will remain on display at Cowork Frederick throughout June. Additional paintings can be seen here.  Contact Bill at 301-299-6270 for purchase information. All proceeds from the sale of paintings will be donated to the Virginia P Moser Art Scholarship at BCC HS in Bethesda MD.

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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