Because together is better

Why be a member of Cowork Frederick?

1) Because you like working around others – at least some of the time.

Working alone dragging you down? Many people find working around others increases their own productivity. They feel happier, more energized, motivated. Creativity increases. Our space includes larger rooms with café-style seating as well as smaller nooks you can tuck into for a quieter day. Part-time and full-time memberships available. Choose what works best for you.

2) Because giving back and being a part of something is important to you.

Becoming a member of Cowork Frederick is about much more than finding a place to work. It’s about joining a community of freelancers, teleworkers, and entrepreneurs who share ideas and help each other. It’s about pitching in to help make the space and community great. And, it’s about giving back. From our support of local artists to our efforts to support local charities, we believe in doing well by doing good.

3) Because you believe the sharing economy is good – for you, for others, and the world.

Sharing is central to coworking. We share space, WiFi, office equipment, food, utilities – just about everything. We share in our efforts to help our own community thrive and to help the broader Frederick community. We believe in sharing ideas and knowledge and we create ways for people to connect so that sharing comes naturally. We believe this makes us all stronger, smarter, and more successful.

Why we exist:

Our mission

is to be a catalyst for the success of freelancers, teleworkers and entrepreneurs by creating ways for them to come together to work, share ideas, and support each other.

We believe

society is facing unprecedented economic, environmental, social and cultural challenges. Coworking addresses those challenges by changing how we do work. It facilitates connection, shares resources, lowers hurdles to launching a business, provides a support infrastructure, and allows people to be a part of something while still pursuing their own goals.

We envision

an economic engine focused on collaboration and community rather than silos and secrecy, with autonomous workers who come together at will for specific purposes, with a flexible and healthy life balance, and success measured by how work enriches the world as well as the individual.

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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