May Artist of the Month: Beth Mende Conny

Beth Mende Conny, the author, may be familiar to you. From Beth: "I’ve been writing since I first learned to form letters on a page. Since then I’ve authored/edited/ghosted more than four dozen books and collections, have done stints as a reporter and columnist, and have taught at various colleges." Seeing that little factoid about the Cowork Frederick member who quietly joined last Fall, I just had to look. Yep! She is a real, bonified author. What d' ya know?!

You may also know her from the "How To Write So People Will Read You" talk she gave at Cowork Frederick March 21 (sponsored by the Social Media Club of Frederick / Western Maryland), which brought more people into our Community Room than any prior class and drew many requests for an encore.

Beth_Conny_exhibit-leavesBeth would like you to know her as more than that. She is branching out, exploring other avenues for her creativity. She recently launched a new website, "This site, like me, is under construction ... "  Indeed. So are we all!  From Beth, "celebrates the ups, downs, and in-betweens of everyday life."

More recently, her artistic expression has expanded ... well ... into art, and we are so proud to have Beth as our May Artist of the Month.

Author Beth Mende Conny will host a reception of her exhibit, "The Art of Words: Illustrated Writings," on Saturday, May 4, 5-9 p.m., at Cowork Frederick, 122 E. Patrick Street in Historic Downtown Frederick. Refreshments and hand-crafted flowers (in the spirit of May Fest) will also be available.
Beth_Conny_exhibit-journey"Writing is an art," says Conny, who has written numerous meditation and quotation collections. "And the exhibit is a way to use art to give greater depth and meaning to my words." All works are original.

Her Cowork exhibit coincides with Mayfest 2013, an all-day event of live performances and other festivities. Galleries and shops will stay open late that evening.

For further information contact: 301-471-5571 or Beth@WriteDirections,com

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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