Last month, we were asked a question we often get asked during an interview, a question about why we are successful or will be successful or the like. Our response seems to surprise our interviewers. We don't tout our low prices or the features of membership. We don't talk about our amazing marketing plan or the credentials we bring to this endeavor.  In fact, our response is an intentional step back from the limelight.  I want to publicly share the response we give because there are people other than Glen and I that deserve recognition for the success we've had thus far. "It's about the community ..."

We were definitely drawn to the concept of coworking and, as we saw it, there was a pent-up demand for flexible, open, community-based workspace suitable for independents, entrepreneurs, freelancers and telecommuters in Frederick. We're now meeting that demand, but there other options available to these people. Why not work from home or the coffee shop? Why not the library? As with any successful coworking space, the success of Cowork Frederick is not really about avoiding the noise of the coffee shop or the isolation or distractions at home.
Kimba Green gives a tour

Kimba Green gives a tour

Cowork Frederick is successful because we have great members. They contribute every day in small and big, indirect and direct ways to Cowork Frederick's success and the success of fellow members. On any given day, we see our members freely giving marketing advice, assisting with a web development issue, actively promoting Cowork Frederick or other members, or leaving something tasty with a little note next to it inviting others to partake in the break room. If you drop in to tour Cowork Frederick, you're just as likely to get the tour from Glen or Julia (Cowork Frederick founders) as you are a Cowork Frederick member.

We've got a pretty great building and a hip location in downtown Frederick and we provide workspace essentials (network, printers, fax, desks, etc.), but what matters most is the community a person joins when signing up to be a member of Cowork Frederick. Our comunity of members gets most of the credit for our success. There is huge value in being surrounded by innovative, hard-working, success-oriented, focused, community-minded people working, learning, growing. That's what draws people to Cowork Frederick and why we have been and will continue to be successful. Glen and I had the vision to start Cowork Frederick. We created the space, are now leading the way and fostering the culture. But, it's our members who will make Cowork Frederick something far better than we ever could on our own.
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122 E Patrick St
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