Featured Cowork Frederick Member: Matt Edens

Matt Edens first heard of Cowork Frederick on a Thursday morning at Moxie Bakery & Cafe when opening our doors was still a goal we were ambitiously working toward every weekend, evening, and spare moment we could find. "What a great concept", he thought. Coffee shops had been his place of work for some time by then; he preferred them even to his office when he was employed as a staff writer.

Months later he came to the Open House we had about a month before officially opening. He liked what he saw, but was not persuaded away from his coffee shop habit. People he knew joined Cowork Frederick. He listened as the buzz around town grew. Member Jessica Hibbard would see Matt at Cafe Nola (a great place, btw) and ask "Have you been into Cowork Frederick yet?"

Featured Member - 2013-03 - Matt 2Featured Member - 2013-03 - Matt 1Finally he ventured in and spent a day working there. Soon he signed up as a "some-time" member. A month later he up'd his membership to part-time. He's been actively engaged ever since, working at Cowork Frederick, on average, three days a week and frequently participaing in events.

According to Matt, he's still sorting out his new work habits, but he already notices he's more focused and more productive at Cowork Frederick. Working at home, the quiet is strangely distracting. It's hard to stay focused, to stay motivated. Coffee shops addressed the quiet and offered a higher energy space for him, but not his laptop. When his battery died, he would head home mid-day and "putter around" the house for a few hours before returning to work. Matt notes that the energy at Cowork Frederick is work-oriented and seeing others focused on their respective businesses creates a bit of peer pressure that helps him stay disciplined in completing his own tasks.

That's a good thing. Matt does some pretty impressive work - a bit twisted (LOL), but impressive none-the-less. Featured Member - 2013-03 - Matt 3In almost two decades as a writer for both broadcast and cable television, Matt Edens has scripted everything from children’s cartoons to funeral home commercials. Currently, he’s the story editor for Snapped, a long running true-crime series on the Oxygen network.

Other documentary work includes more than fifty episodes of the A&E true-crime series City Confidential as well as projects for The History Channel, Investigation Discovery, and Food Network.  Locally, Matt has written features and opinion pieces for a variety of publications such as The Frederick Gorilla, Frederick Magazine, The Frederick News Post and 270Inc.

Matt lives in downtown Frederick with his wife, Kristi, and their nine-year-old twins.

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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