The 9 Joys of Coworking

"Perhaps you are the most productive person in the world and can get up every morning, put on real pants and get into home work mode. OR, perhaps you are like many freelancers who find the idea of working from home challenging and not conducive to getting things done. Many freelancers flock to surrounding cafes, however, that can often times lead to guilt over taking up a seat for so long, and constantly trying to buy something every hour or so to compensate for that. Ditch the sweatpants and the coffee jitters and consider some of the great benefits of using a coworking space." ( from  The 9 Joys of Coworking )

Just saw a link to the above article and thought I'd share it, not because this one is noticeably better than the plethora of posts about the awesomeness of coworking (e.g., The 8 Reasons to Consider a Coworking Space, 14 Reasons Why Joining a Coworking Space Beats Renting a Private Office). It's also because it brought me to the website for the Freelancers Union,  which also seemed good to share since so many of who cowork, including most of our members, are freelancers.


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