I-270 feel like a parking lot most days?

Park yourself at Cowork Frederick instead.



Reclaim your time.

If you find yourself spending far too much time on the road each day, consider teleworking at a coworking space closer to home. You still get the experience of "heading to the office" but with a far shorter commute. Live in or near Frederick?

Give Cowork Frederick a try.

Cowork Frederick provides the office essentials (a spot to work, Internet access, printer, fax, meeting rooms - even coffee). And, there's a bonus you might not get at your traditional office. You can work around people in a variety of professions with a wide range of skills. Most find it a refreshing change from the usual office. Still need to go into the office most days? No problem! We have a wide range of membership levels. Try saving your commute just one day a week. We bet you'll like it.

Come on in and take a tour. We’d love to get to know you and tell more about coworking. Better yet, get a Day Pass and give coworking a trial run.
"The minute I toured the space, I knew it was special and wanted to be a part of it. The vibe inspires creativity and the other coworkers are stellar companions. It is the ideal location to stay on top of what’s happening in Downtown Frederick. It is the perfect mix of amenities, location and inspiration!" - Jennifer Gerlock
"Cowork Frederick is a beautiful, distraction-free place to work. The environment is friendly and welcoming. The connections I have made have been invaluable in moving my career forward. I like working on my own. I like it even more since working at Cowork Frederick." - Tom Semmes
"I joined Cowork Frederick because I need interaction. I tried having a studio, then working from home, then studio, then home. Coworking spaces provide the best of both worlds, shared work areas where collaborative conversations readily strike up and quiet places to focus." - James Hersick
"Cowork Frederick was exactly what I was looking for. The energy, location, and environment make it a great place to get things accomplished. I also believe surrounding myself with talented people from industries that may have very little in common with my own provides a great way to gain refreshing perspectives and innovative ideas which I can pass along to my clients." - Brandon Mason
"Working at home, the quiet is strangely distracting. It’s hard to stay focused, motivated. Coffee shops offered a higher energy space, but when my battery died I would head home. The energy at Cowork Frederick is work-oriented. Seeing others focused on their respective businesses creates peer pressure that helps me stay disciplined in completing my own tasks." - Matt Edens
"I've worked at shared workspaces and a leased office. There is no comparison. At Cowork Frederick, even as a one-day-a-month Supporting member, I feel welcome. I'm part of a community where others are also growing their own business. It's more like friends coming together to work than going to a sterile office." - Sandy Sponaugle
"Cowork Frederick provides an easily accessible workspace for days I need to work remotely. They have the tools, location, and community to make "work from home" a natural extension of the office. Without the commute to DC, I get 3 more hours of work done a day." - Michael Garrett
"The creative energy at Cowork Frederick is the reason I became a member. I felt it the first moment I walked in; I could just picture myself writing there." - Shannon Morgan
"As a writer, I mostly work on my own. Cowork Frederick’s a great space because it has all the stuff I need to do my work. But, what I like most is having company and being with other creative folks in other fields. I’ve learned a lot from them. I like walking into an “office” and seeing familiar faces. Takes the edge off working solo." - Beth Conny
"What do I like about coworking? It’s so much better than working at home alone. I’ve learned a ton from talking to others. The separation between work and personal time is also very important." - Derrick Miller
"I love surrounding myself with an environment of other professionals doing the same thing I am: continuously building their skills, careers, networks, and profiles." - Michael Gray
"Cowork Frederick provides a quiet, comfortable, space to work, but that’s only part of why I think it’s so great. For me, the best part is the friendly coworkers. The advice I got on the first day alone was worth the entire month’s membership fee!" - Steve Greenberg
"I joined Cowork Frederick because it allows me to work with other independents and creatives in the area, while still serving my own clients. I’ve visited other spaces in the past and always loved the community atmosphere, so I can’t wait to get started. I just moved here recently, and wanted to get involved, and on Googling for coworking spaces, I was thrilled to find Cowork Frederick was opening within a few weeks. I signed up that day." - Michael Aleo