The Dove Has Left The Nest

No, that's not code from a Robert Ludlum book. See, we have a pair of mourning doves that have been living in our courtyard for several years. At one point in our remodeling, they both decided to come inside and see what all the noise was about. Talk about exciting - trying to shoo two scared birds out a window is not something i want to do again any time soon. Last year there was too much construction and Mom dove made her nest elsewhere. But this year she built a nest in the transom above our rear door.

20120814-153009.jpgShe kept an eye on us while we were busy refinishing floors and painting walls, and her lone egg hatched a few weeks ago. Every so often, when Mom was away from the next, we'd stand on a chair and check on the progress of the baby. I wasn't particularly upset that this meant I had to delay installing a threshold for that door, so the hatchling could stay as long as she wanted.

But now I have no excuse to postpone my repairs. The baby has left the nest and is venturing farther away each day.

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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