Thanks for Joining

Welcome to Cowork Frederick!

Thanks for joining Cowork Frederick. We hope you'll enjoy working and being a member here. When you come to Cowork Frederick, let us know you've just joined and we'll make sure you're set up with all the bits and pieces so you can start working. Hopefully, you've tried us out before joining, but if not we'll give you the grand tour so you'll know your way around. Don't be too embarrassed if we introduce you to the other members, we want you to feel welcomed. After all, you didn't join to feel isolated and to work with a bunch of strangers.

We have a few very basic rules that cover just about everything:

The more detailed stuff the lawyers and insurance company require are in the terms of service, which is available in the members section of our website.

If it turns out we aren't a good fit for you, please give us 30 days notice. You can cancel your subscription in person or by email, just let us know.

Again, Thanks and Welcome,

Glen Ferguson
Cowork Frederick

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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