SoapPrizes, Calendars, and Spontaneous Art

What more could anyone want?

December's First Saturday brought many things to Cowork Frederick. Among them were displays by Julia Schallici and mom Beth showing off their line of hand-made soaps, soaps with little prizes in them! "Getting clean should be fun. At least that’s what we believe here at SoapPrizes. Our soaps come in fun shapes, and some have a prize inside to encourage getting clean. ... SoapPrizes is a true family affair, the brainchild of Little J, a 7-year-old fan of Shark Tank. She is Founder and Chief Creative Officer. Starting this company was her idea, and she remains instrumental in every product decision."

Jessica Hibbard displayed her 2013 Instant Photography calendars. "I'm an artist living in Frederick, Maryland, specializing in analog photography. I'm drawn to the beauty of vintage cameras, the warmth of film, and the uniquely imperfect nature of each image. ... Celebrate the New Year with a fresh new calendar! And when 2013 is over, you'll have a dozen beautiful prints to use however you please."

 They set up in the Cowork Frederick Conference Room upstairs and I watched as a line of people streamed up the stairs. When I finally went up to see for myself, I found putting artistic people in a room with a blank whiteboard brings good things!  Our Conference Room now has its own new artwork on display, a winter scene that carries forward the theme of elves started in our first floor window displays!

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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