Reservation Confirmed

Thanks. You're Booked! You'll receive an email confirming your reservation. We'll also send you a reminder email a few days before your reservation date.

Here's some information you'll need before your event

Cowork Frederick is an office too

Like any office, there are people working in the rest of the building. Please ask your guests to be considerate regarding the noise level during breaks, and close the doors to your meeting room for both privacy and noise control.

Reception / Setup

You included setup time for your meeting, right? Presenters like to arrive early to set up their laptops and your first guests typically arrive a half-hour before your meeting starts. If you haven't included setup time in your reservation, give us a all and we'll work it out.

We don't have a receptionist, so please have someone arrive early to direct folks to your meeting room when they enter the building so they don’t wander about looking for your meeting. You're welcome to put a sign downstairs.

You’re also welcome to rearrange chairs and tables or to add more chairs (ask us).


There's a restroom on the second floor next to the Conference Room. It's at the top of the stairs and make a U-turn to your right.


Feel free to bring your own light snacks or even full meals, preferably from local restaurants. Nearby Frederick Coffee Co., has a catering menu and will deliver with sufficient notice. A block from Cowork Frederick is Sumittra, a wonderful Thai restaurant that also delivers.

No need to bring paper or (perish the thought!) styrofoam cups, plates or plasticware, though. We can provide mugs, glasses, dishes and flatware. Given our strong commitment to sustainability, we can't help but encourage you to skip the disposable stuff.


For quick loading/unloading, just pull up to the curb outside our door.

Street parking is metered from 9-5 M-Sa and there's a 2 hour limit. Rates are 25¢ for 15 minutes ($1 per hour). Outside those hours or on holidays, street parking is free.</p>

Garage parking is recommended. Rates are the same as the meters, $1 per hour, but there's no limit on duration. There are 2 garages within 2 blocks of Cowork Frederick. For ease of entry/exit, we recommend the E All Saints St. parking deck. The entrance is on E All Saints Street between East Street and S Carroll Street. You can also park at the Carroll Creek parking deck. The entrance is on E Patrick Street, past Cowork Frederick and on the left just past the traffic light at Maxwell Alley.

Clean up

When you’re done with your meeting room, please:

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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