Recycling Award Photos

Julia and I attended the county meeting today for the recycling award presentation.From the press release (bolding is mine):

[Frederick County] Department of Sanitation and Waste Management awarded the winners of its annual Frederick County Waste Reduction and Recycling Award, a recognition program for local organizations that strive to decrease the amount of waste they produce. This year’s winners were announced during Thursday’s Board of County Commissioners work session and are: Cowork Frederick, the Frederick News-Post, Musket Ridge Golf Club, Unique Optique, and Zavos Architecture+Design. Each of these organizations has demonstrated leadership by implementing integrated waste management practices such as composting, materials reuse, bulk purchasing, packaging reductions and recycling. Additionally, their applications attest to an overall commitment to resource conservation, with practices including “green” building design, energy conservation efforts, and environmentally-friendly landscaping projects.
“These organizations serve as models, showing that “green” practices not only benefit the environment but also are generally good for business,” remarked Lori Finafrock, Frederick County’s Recycling Program Manager. “We commend these businesses; their waste reduction and recycling efforts demonstrate a commitment to resource conservation and the long-term sustainability of our community.”
Today’s award announcements coincide with the 15th annual celebration of America Recycles Day, a national event dedicated to encouraging Americans to recycle and buy recycled-content products.

It's good to see our great neighbors Unique Optique awarded as well. They're just down the street from us and aways do fun things during First Saturday events. Musket Ridge Golf Club was particularly interesting; their chef has implemented a Japanese fermentation-based composing method. I talked to him after the event and I'm going to explore if this is something we can do with our limited lunch waste and used coffee grounds.

And here's a photo of the award recipients. If you don't know already, we're the charming couple on the right holding the plaque.

Business Recycling Awards Picture

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