Our Members

Cowork Frederick members are software developers, social media consultants, writers, attorneys, project managers, and more. We are freelancers, teleworkers, and entrepreneurs. We could work anywhere, but we choose to work together because we believe it makes us better, happier, stronger, and more successful. Here's a sampling of our community:

Kevin Lynch - Sr. Manager, CRM Techincal Solutions - FTI Consulting.

Kevin is a Senior Manager at FTI Consulting, a company that provides businesses around the world with short and long-term guidance to excel in their field. Working with a team of twelve, he manages a Salesforce application, the internal, cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that keeps FTI Consulting running smoothly.


Wayne Dorsey - Founder - S.O.S. Safe Ride

Wayne is the founder of S.O.S. Safe Ride, a non-profit organization and Frederick’s premier designated driver service. At the heart of their mission is taking a stance against intoxicated driving. The Safe Ride Foundation addresses the serious issue by educating the public on the dangers of driving under the influence, providing rewards and incentives to those who refrain from doing so and implementing a safe and viable solution the problem.


Kimba Green - Chief Engagement Officer - White Lion Social

Kimba is the President and Chief Engagement Officer of White Lion Social, a business she launched in 2010 and the latest in a long line of successful business endeavors. She is a Social Media trainer, speaker and strategist, specializing in physimetrics, user interface, interaction, community building, tool assessment and marketing with a story.

Patrick Pierson - DevOps Engineer - Ion Channel

Patrick Pierson is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) guy. He holds multiple AWS certifications, including AWS SysOps Administrator, AWS Business Professional, and AWS Technical Professional.  He uses and advocates for AWS in his professional job and he runs an AWS meetup group.  Just the mention of AWS in Patrick’s presence can spark an enthusiastic discussion.

Emily Lucas - Membership and Operations Director - ASMEA

Emily is the Membership and Operations Director at the Association for the Study of Middle East and Africa (ASMEA), an organization that promotes a greater understanding of the region by fostering freedom in teaching and acceptance of all viewpoints. Emily is one of three at ASMEA. Because of its small size, Emily wears many hats handling everything from administration, procedures, event planning, marketing, and graphic design.


Matthew Johnston - Founder - The Law Offices of Matthew S. Johnston, LLC

Matt Johnston is a small business lawyer with a passion and commitment to making small businesses succeed. Before entering the legal profession, Matt worked in a variety of areas, ranging from from military service in the U.S. Navy to technology companies to political operations and lobbying. This diversity of experience gives him the ability to look at problems from multiple perspectives and offer insight into business operations as well as legal concerns.

Bliss Spillar - Lead Pastor - Redemption City Church

Bliss Spillar is the Lead Pastor at Redemption City Church, a new church in downtown Frederick that he founded – Bliss prefers “planted” – in November 2014. He draws many parallels between founding a church and founding a company. He’s an entrepreneur, focused on vision, mission and leadership development.


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