Member Movie Night

The Community Event read, "Cowork Frederick Member Movie Night - Pizza, beer, soft drinks, popcorn and a movie. What more could you want? (besides Alka-seltzer – LOL!). Bring a guest. Children welcome." And, so it was that, on January 24, we had our inaugural Member Movie Night, utilizing the projection and sound system in our Community Room for the first time purely for the fun of it!


Member Movie Night - Jan 2013 - 1 Pizza!Well, we had our pizza (three of them to be exact: one sausage, one half cheese and half pineapple + banana peppers, and one spinach and mushroom). We weren't able to get it from Mom's, though. It seems MOM'S IS CLOSED! (she says with a slight panic in her voice). OK that WAS my favorite pizza place in town, that and Belisarios which is where Glen and I always go when we want a plain "New York Style" (they might say it's Pittsburg style) squeaky-bite cheese pizza. Thankfully, Pizza Boli came to the rescue with our last-minute call for a quick delivery.

The beer choices were local and many:  Golden Monkey from Victory Brewing Company, Antietam Ale from Brewer's Alley, and a mix of IPA's. Stouts, Wheats, and Ales from both Brewers Alley and Flying Dog Brewery. Also on hand were Coke and Diet Coke.

We ended up filling up on pizza, so no one wanted the organic multi-colored popcorn that was just ready for the popping (in the pan, none of that microwave junk). Guess that means there's plenty for next time!

The movie was "Star Wars" (the original, AKA that new name it was given after the next round of three came out, "Episode IV: New Hope"), chosen from among several others offered up for members to vote on.  (Aaahhh, Luke Skywalker! What a crush I had on him back in the day! What pre-teen girl didn't?)

Member Movie Night - Jan 2013 - 3 Andrew Keeps WorkingOf course (there's ALWAYS one), someone had to keep working!  Here's Andrew multi-tasking with not one but two laptops while the movie played.  (To be fair, we did say on the Who We Are webpage that we Cowork Frederick folks are hardworking!)

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