March Artist of the Month: Andrew Murdock

You absolutely will not want to miss Andrew Murdock's gallery showing of his photography of Frederick County March 2, 5 – 9 pm, hosted by Cowork Frederick.  Light food will be served.

Andrew pic 3Andrew is an ex-pat Brit with a photography addiction who wandered the world working in the computer industry before settling in the Washington, DC area in the mid-90s, slowly moving further north until finally settling in Frederick, Maryland early last summer. Almost simultaneous with the move to Frederick was the formation of his original full time photography venture, shooting business stock images for a Global publishing company while indulging a passion for being outside. At the same time an interest in studying portrait photography took root.

Andrew pic 5Natural Artistry represents the combination of two passions for Andrew, a love of portrait photography and working with people to find and capture their true personality, and a culmination of eighteen months spent roaming every road, back road, dirt road, creek, stream, mountain and waterfall within two hours of Frederick, discovering the absolute beauty that exists in our own backyards.

Andrew pic 2“One word to describe Andrew's work is 'wow' and that 'wow' is with every picture he takes. Not every 10 pictures but every single picture. When you look into his world you will see things through his eye, his amazing eye. … Live in the beauty of his world.

Andrew pic 1Andrew's portraits are captivating. His ability to bring out and capture the realness of personality. The veil is lifted and what is left is the true person. Beautiful!” (Kimba Green)

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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