Julia Ferguson

“Keeper” - Cowork Frederick

Julia is a co-founder of Cowork Frederick with her husband, Glen. Officially she is the “Keeper” of Cowork Frederick, an appropriate title given the many roles she plays. She was “designer” and “general contractor”, defining and overseeing most of the remodel of the building at 122 E Patrick St. She is the bookkeeper, marketer, sometimes housekeeper, painter, organizer, writer, and more, driving the charge, picking up the pieces, and filling in where needed to help “keep” Cowork Frederick on the path to its Grand Opening and “keep” it running. Julia has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry and, in her “day job” currently heads CA Technologies’ North America Energy & Sustainability Services Practice.

Why Cowork Frederick?

"My husband, Glen, learned of coworking and shared the news of this trend. I immediately agreed it was a very cool thing. I remember saying something like, “Of course! With coworking you get the best of both worlds, the freedom and independence that comes from venturing out on your own and the collaboration and support most gave up when they left their corporate jobs.” I work from home quite a bit and like having an alternate location with some really good energy I can choose when home is too noisy, too distracting or just too darn solitary."

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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