Gorillas in Our Midst

[EDIT: Yes, we had to change the title to something a bit more fun.]

It seems the strengthening relationship between Cowork Frederick and the Frederick Gorilla was meant to be.

Gorilla Cover 1I remember well the first issue of the Frederick Gorilla and how glad we were to see their thought-provoking articles on local business, life and politics. We loved the tone of the articles, as the Frederick Gorilla puts it, "the grit, the controversy and the contention that is often ignored by the mainstream media". As a community of independent-minded folks, innovative thinkers,  those who have bucked the system and struck out on their own, and creative types of all sorts, we're good with that!

The Frederick Gorilla was among the first periodicals on the coffee table in the Cowork Frederick.  Soon thereafter, Nicole Peake, Frederick Gorialla Business Development, stopped in to check us out and then, with others, planned the Behind the Covers event at Cowork Frederick in December. At that event, we had several great conversations with members of the Gorilla team that confirmed for us that our two organizations were "kindred spirits".

Back in November. Matt Edens, freelance writer who is published by the Frederick Gorilla, joined the Cowork Frederick community.  Check out his recent article in the Frederick Gorilla, In Search of a Fix. Andrew Murdock, freelance photographer who also does work for the Frederick Gorilla, joined in January.  With all the momentum, it seems like fate that we'd see more Gorilla folks among our community. Sure enough, we now do! We are thrilled to have Jennifer Gerlock, Social Editor of the Frederick Gorilla magazine, as our newest member in a deal we just struck with Graphcom. Cowork Frederick will also provide conference room and drop-in work space for Frederick Gorilla employees, as well as employees of Graphcom, the company that owns and publishes the Frederick Gorilla. We can't wait to get to know more members of the Graphcom and Frederick Gorilla teams.


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