Good Works Frederick & Cowork Frederick Launch "Frederick's Outrageous Ideas"

good-works-frederickGood Works Frederick and Cowork Frederick have come together to co-sponsor a series of workshops called Frederick's Outrageous Ideas, to be held at Cowork Frederick.

The workshops, which are open to the public, will bring the best minds of Frederick together (hint: you're one of them) to discuss ideas for how to make Frederick better. No idea is too outrageous. These workshops are meant to break us out of our current mold, to challenge the status quo, and generate ideas that translate into real change.

The first workshop, "Building A Creative Economy" will be held November 16. Additional workshops will be held the first and third Wednesday of each month, with a different topic covered in each workshop.

Workshops are limited to 15 participants, who will examine community success models, discuss ideas for how they can be applied to Frederick,  and then work to define objectives, needs and processes for how Frederick can further capitalize upon our own local opportunity.

Where appropriate, ideas generated from these workshops may be adopted by Good Works Frederick as official projects, with potential participation by Cowork Frederick members.

Registration is required. Links to register for future workshops can be found on the Good Works Frederick Facebook page and Cowork Frederick event calendar.

About Good Works Frederick:
Good Works Frederick is a community development organization that provides project management leadership and skills to important local initiatives that improve the quality of life for Frederick County residents.

About Cowork Frederick:
Cowork Frederick helps freelancers, teleworkers and entrepreneurs be more successful by creating a way for them to come together to work, share ideas, and support each other.  We believe society is facing unprecedented economic, environmental, social and cultural challenges. Coworking addresses those challenges by changing how we do work. We envision an economic engine focused on collaboration and community rather than silos and secrecy, with autonomous workers who come together at will for specific purposes, with a flexible, healthy life balance, and success measured by how work enriches the world as well as the individual.

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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