Focus Room Is Open!

For Cowork Frederick members, this may be old news. Still, we're so happy about how our "Focus Room" has turned out we just have to spread the word!  The Focus Room offers both dedicated desks and flexible workspace, so for those of you eyeing Cowork Frederick and waiting to have a spot to call your own, a spot all yours where you can leave a computer, files, or a few pictures, wait no more!




Focus Room 2Dedicated desks ($325 a month) come with all the perks of full-time membership, including 24 x 7 access to Cowork Frederick and unlimited use of meeting room space and the guarantee that, when you come to work at Cowork Frederick, that spot you picked out to be yours (all yours) will always be available. Like any member, you also have full run of the place. Want some privacy for a phone call or to not bother others while you lead an extended webcast? Use one of our two phone rooms. Want to have a meeting?  Use the larger Conference Room or smaller Collaboration Room. The break room always has coffee, tea, water, and whatever members have brought in that day (common contributions include soft drinks, breakfast foods, fruit, cookies, and candy). Ride your bike in or like to take a run at lunch?  Freshen up in one of three bathrooms - ideally the one with a shower! (towels provided). OK - I could go on (there are SO many good things about Cowork Frederick), but I'll stop. Back to the the Focus Room.

Focus Room 1The Focus Room has great natural light that streams in from three windows, a beautiful hardwood floor (mostly protected by an area rug), six desks along two walls and a center table with four additional spots to work. Table empty?  Use it for those little tasks that require a larger surface -- but not for a meeting. The Focus Room is aptly named. It's meant for those who want to concentrate on work and prefer a quieter space with few distractions. It's at the back of our second floor, so there's no foot traffic through the room or along a hallway. Think of it as the quiet car on a train. You can talk, even answer the phone, but you should be considerate of others in the room who are working.

Focus Room 4Focus Room 5The Focus Room even has its own bathroom (half bath) with one of my favorite things (Ok - I really have many favorite things) about our remodel.  The tile on this bathroom floor was purchased at Second Chance in Baltimore, having been recovered from some building similar in age to ours. See those tiles? They are all individual tiles, not the already-arranged sheets you see on the shelves of modern flooring or big-box stores. I just LOVE this tile!


122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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