Fire in Ice First Saturday

(thank you Kai Hagen for the photo of the ice sculpture!) How appropriate that our February Artist of the month at Cowork Frederick - the artist holding a gallery showing on the Fire in Ice First Saturday - is named Ray Burns!  We didn't plan it that way, but should have taken it as sign that something was going right. When temperatures dropped and it began snowing as our the snowflake ice sculpture we had ordered was delivered, we should have know the stars had aligned and we were in for a great night!


Fire in Ice Feb 2013 - 3The "Snowflake Falling" ice sculpture we shared with Black Label Tattoo drew lots of attention from the First Saturday crowd wandering about downtown. With me playing "carnival barker" announcing we had wine and cheese and some great artwork on our walls that would provide an easy excuse to linger in the toasty warm building for a bit, people streamed in and out of Cowork Frederick all evening.

Ray Burns Feb 2013 - 1

Ray Burns Feb 2013 - 4

Of course, once in the door, it was Ray Burn's beautiful oil paintings that held people there. On every wall and around tables in our Community room were paintings of natural landscapes as well as local architecture. How fortunate are we! We'll have this artwork on our walls the rest of the month! For those who are interested, yes, these original paintings are for sale - by Ray, not Cowork Frederick. Contact Ray directly via his website or by phone at 301-414-0351.

Fire in Ice Feb 2013 - Kimba HelpingCowork Frederick got a fair amount of attention as well, with people inquiring about who we are and coming in for tours of the building. Kimba Green, a Cowork Frederick full-time member and marketer-extraordinaire, stepped up to help out so I could continue to watch the door (Thank you Kimba! You're quite the tour guide!).

What a night it was! Stay tuned for our next First Saturday event when Andrew Murdock will display his exceptional photography. I can't wait!

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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