Featured Members: Frederick Gorilla Interns

The email I received in May from Matt Livelsberger began, “We’ve got some changes happening with the company (good things) so I need to know if we can work out space for some additional people ...”  (Heck yeah!)

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The request was for a home base from which three (count them, three) summer interns for the Frederick Gorilla could work, supervised by Jennifer Gerlock. As Marketing Director for Graphcom, Jennifer manages and coordinates all marketing, advertising and promotional activities for the company and its business divisions, including Graphcom Creative, Signs by Graphcom, Field and Floor FX, and Graphcom Publishing (no wonder she needed three interns!). She’s also the Social Editor for the Frederick Gorilla and a Cowork Frederick member.

And so it was that three new members joined our community this summer: Lloyd Thompson-Taylor, Brendan Raleigh, and Emily Holland. Jennifer has kept them hopping all summer, surveying the journalistic landscape, searching for topics worthy of Frederick Gorilla publication and participating in events such as the Frederick Mayoral Candidate Roundtable (which included such important duties as setting up and breaking down the room). I was finally able to catch up with them last week for a chat. Here’s what I learned about them.

2013-05 LloydLloyd Thompson-Taylor

Major:  English     School: Hood College     Year as of this Fall:  Senior
Home town:  “Gaithersburg area”
Experience: Copy Editor, Hood College Blue & Gray Today; Editor, Wisteria Literary Magazine
First interest in writing:  High school magazine: joined as sophomore and hasn’t looked back.

How did you get this internship?
“I saw a copy of the Frederick Gorilla magazine and really like it. I wanted to do an internship this summer, so contacted Troy and asked if they were interviewing for interns. They were, I did, and here I am.”

What have you learned? “My focus has mostly been editing in the past. This internship has really challenged me and helped me grow as a writer. I’ve also gained a real appreciation for Frederick and the value of getting more involved as a part of the community. Jen showed me that.”

Sample articles from this summer:

What’s next? “Finish my undergraduate degree and then hopefully land a job as a writer/editor for a local magazine.”

BBrendanrendan Raleigh

Major:  English     School: Gettysburg College     Year as of this Fall:  Sophomore
Home town: Middletown
Experience: Staff Writer & Copy Editor, Gettysburgian
First interest in writing:  “My dad is a writer, so very early on.”

How did you get this internship?
“My dad reads the Frederick Gorilla and knows Troy so he helped me make a connection. I interviewed and got the job.”

What have you learned? “I learned how to better organize a story and better techniques for interviewing people.”

Sample articles from this summer:

Memorable moment: “Meeting a veteran in Gettysburg, who went to honor the troops that fought 150 years ago. He was waiving an American flag. It really moved me, so I wrote an article about it.”

What’s next?  “Three more years of school and, hopefully, another great internship. I would definitely do this again, if given the chance.”

EmilyEmily Holland

Major:  English     School: University of Chicago     Year as of this Fall:  Senior
Home town:  Frederick
Experience: Staff Writer, Chicago Weekly; Staff Writer, Euphony; Editor, Literary Laundry

How did you get this internship?
“I like alternative publications and the Frederick Gorilla fits that, so I emailed them to see if I could intern there this summer.”

What have you learned? “To take initiative yourself; to dig in and really get the information you need; to ask for help when you need it but to be a self-starter first.”

Sample articles written this summer:

Memorable moment: “The Mayoral Candidate Roundtable event on July 8. It was great to meet the mayors.”

What’s next? “A Masters Degree in fiction and creative writing, a job at a newspaper or magazine.”  A novel?  “Maybe …”

Closing Thoughts

Jennifer Gerlock said it well (of course), “Internships are an incredibly important part of Frederick Gorilla Magazine and Graphcom. These young professionals bring a passion and curiosity to the organization that is crucial. Internships are a great way for us to provide real world experience to the professionals of tomorrow as well as accomplish more for our clients. Emily, Lloyd and Brendan are all unique and gifted writers. We have been thrilled by their talent and willingness to do whatever it takes to get answers and find a story.  We’re hoping to keep them on long after their formal internships end!”

Each intern spoke enthusiastically about their experience working with the Frederick Gorilla and even more so about Jen: “She’s very outgoing and does a very good job. She’s very good at talking to people and I learned a lot from watching her.” “Love her! She has such great energy. She makes work exciting. She comes up with such great ideas and has helps me focus on what’s important.”, “I love Jen. She’s really great at giving directions and explaining things. I’ve learned a lot from her.”

We also heard good things about Cowork Frederick:  From Lloyd, “I appreciate the energy and welcoming atmosphere at Cowork Frederick. More people should experience that." (OK - can I just say, that was just about the perfect quote. I didn't coach him at all. I swear!) Emily said, “I love being here. It’s WAY BETTER than a coffee shop (I have no place at home that’s really good for working). Everyone is so friendly.

Working in a coworking space, around other creative people, was also a valuable experience.  "It was great to meet other writers, like Matt Edens. I also really like (and admire) Kimba Green. She is so driven, making her path, showing initiative and growing her business. She is so helpful to others. She’s an active member and really knows how to get (and give) a lot value at Cowork Frederick.”

Cowork Frederick is proud to have been the home base for this creative bunch. We can't wait to see what they do next!

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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