Featured Member: Kimba Green

Blog - 2016-08 Kimba 1aKimba Green is the Chief Engagement Officer of White Lion Social, a business she launched in 2010 and the latest in a long line of successful business endeavors. The company name is derived from her own name and a cartoon of her childhood, Kimba the White Lion.

Kimba is equal part free spirit, savvy business person, do-gooder, and fashionista.  She can startle with candor as easily as she astonishes with kindness.  She’s a bit restless, looking for the next thing, always reaching. Life has taught her not to waste a moment’s time and she most often spends her precious time on others.

She began her journey as a military child, moving every couple of years from one end of the country to the other. Being exposed to different ways of schooling, people, and cultures taught Kimba to adapt.  “You learn to be a chameleon, to adjust to your surroundings – how people dress, talk, and act – at the speed of life.”  She’s used that skill all her life, adapting, learning, and growing.

She started working full-time right out of high school and saw immediate career growth, but found she hit a ceiling and couldn’t climb higher without a college degree. She began taking classes, while still working, and ultimately earned a Master’s degree in Marketing.

In 1997 Kimba founded Hatmender. She worked as a consultant for startups ranging in size from 20K to 1.5M, advising them on many facets of their business: human resources, accounts, marketing, etc. She helped them hire and onboard staff and “turn them into real companies”, as Kimba described it.  She learned you have to ask for what you want – and if you do, you often get it. She was amazed people would pay as much as they did for advice. “People SO want someone to lead them. Leadership comes naturally for me.”

Blog - 2016-08 Kimba 4Blog - 2016-08 Kimba 7In 2003, Kimba bought an RV and, as she put it, changed her life. She traveled around the country for 18 months, teaching yoga (company name Kimbamoon). She went to Brazil to get certified in yoga therapy, teaching while there. She discovered she could have a life with just her and it was OK. “I really liked that feeling - just me and my dog. I had always been with someone. It was nice to be on my own. I still love it – quiet time with just myself.”

Blog - 2016-08 Kimba 8By then, a man she had known since her early 20’s was back in her life and he wanted her in Maryland with him. “He was always the one for me.  I knew it from the start.  He was what I wanted.”

Kimba moved to DC in 2005, then Rockville, then, wanting to get away from the city, to Frederick.

After a short stint at Knowledgy Inc, where she was the Manager  of Operations and IT Services,  and then MetroStar, where she was a Program Manager, Kimba launched her own business: again, White Lion Social.

Blog - 2016-08 Kimba 3At first she focused only on social media, but found customers needed more.  Before they could successfully market their business and connect with customers via social media, they needed to clearly define their business, message, and brand. They needed websites. “So, I reached back to my project management  skills and ability to define logical systems and rounded out my offerings.”  From Kimba’s LinkedIn profile: “I create cutting edge social media strategies and campaigns for businesses and institutions. I’m also theBlog - 2016-08 Kimba 5 creator of the popular Social Media Therapy program, which helps demystify today’s social media platforms, enabling novices to confidently enter the online world. Researching trends, tools, applications, dashboards, platforms, and aggregators are just a few of the social tolls that need your attention. White Lion Social will help you put the pieces together so you can see the big picture.”

Kimba typically works with 8-10 customers at a time, teaming up with others such as IT Concierge and the Law Offices of Matthew S. Johnston to ensure her customers have what they need to be successful. She attributes her success to the way she approaches social media - doing research and getting to know her customers and their business. "I create. I don’t just scrape the Internet for things to post. What I do is unique. It’s you.”

About 25% of Kimba’s time is spent volunteering. She’s on the board of AIGA Blue Ridge, the Humane Society, Women’s Council of Realtors and is a Commissioner on the Frederick County Women Commission of Women. She also helps with local events like Oktoberfest.  “The first half of life is spent building, growing, and learning. The second half is about giving back.”Blog - 2016-08 Kimba 2

Kimba lives life fully. She is obsessed with zombies, cake, shoes, Hello Kitty, and westerns. Her free spirit lives on. Evidence: she still has that RV. It’s parked at her house.

Kimba heard about Cowork Frederick through the grapevine, when Cowork Frederick’s opening was still 8 months out. “The buzz about the place kept growing. I kept driving by, checking progress, and bugging Glen. I couldn’t wait.” Kimba was new to coworking and didn’t think much about community. She just knew she needed a better place to work than a café and didn’t want a private office. She joined as a full time member a month before Cowork Frederick opened our doors. Thinking back Kimba said, “There were only a few members back then, but we had everything we needed. And, the community keeps getting better. From day one I felt comfortable, like this was the place I needed to be.” She's been one of our more active members nearly 4 years now.

Blog - 2016-08 Kimba 9“I have a really good life. I’m really happy.  Every piece I add, it just keeps making my life better. I never thought I could be this happy with every aspect of life..”  And we’re happy for you, Kimba.

One of Kimba’s latest additions is her new coral-colored bicycle. You’ll often see it parked in front of Cowork Frederick.  If you do, stop in and say hello.

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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