Featured Cowork Frederick Member: Kimba Green

Cowork Frederick's featured member for February 2013 is Kimba Green, of White Lion Social.

From Kimba, "Social is a puzzle that needs time to be put together. Researching trends, tools, applications, dashboards, platforms, and aggregators are just a few of the Social tools that need your attention. White Lion Social will help you put the pieces together so you can see the big picture."

Kimba - Collage1Kimba (PMP, CEH, CMP, CMB, ZK) is a Social Media Trainer, Speaker & Strategist. She specializes in User Interface, Interaction, Community Building and Tool Assessment. Kimba teaches at University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, Marymount University, & University of Salisbury. She works with Commercial & Government clients, Small Businesses. She's also currently teaching a series of  Social Media Therapy Classes ("Become Masterful and Fearless in the Social World!") at Cowork Frederick.

Kimba joined Cowork Frederick in August of 2012, ahead of our grand opening on September 4, saying, “Maintaining an office is time consuming and I would prefer to just walk in and start working. Cowork offers everything I could need and the luxuries that only a larger office could provide. I don’t think I will ever leave!”

She has been one of our most active members, working at Cowork Frederick almost daily, participating in events, spreading the word about Cowork Frederick, even bringing in breakfast or snacks on a fairly regular basis. You'll often find Kimba taking people on tours of the building or teaching a new member how to make coffee (even though she herself doesn't drink it).

Featured Member - 2013-02 - Kimba 3The Featured Member display she created at Cowork Frederick says a lot. There you'll find a collage of pictures representing facets of her personality, information about her Social Media Therapy classes, and, of course, her business logo (many times - she is in marketing, you know!).

Her friends and colleagues say more. Andrew Murdock of Natural Artistry photography: "A great many people claim to understand social media. Kimba is the only person I know who understands how all the many platforms work together, but more importantly understands how to bridge the chasm between online engagement and meaningful dialog in the real world.,.which after all is where actual business takes place."  "Kimba inspires confidence. Talk to her for just a few minutes and even the most timid of social media newbies will think, 'Yeah, I can do this!' " (Beth Conny) "Kimba is incredibly giving of her time and knowledge. If you're here [at Cowork Frederick], she'll stop anytime to help you with anything you need." (Jennifer Gerlock)

Featured Member - 2013-02 - Kimba 1Kimba added a very personal touch to our Featured Member bulletin board this month with a jean jacket a friend made her, saying "That's me. That's who I am." Dead zombies, Hello Kitty, a US flag, flowers, an upside down cupcake (she loves cake, hates cupcakes) ... hmmm ... OK, Kimba, good to know!

You can read more about Kimba and White Lion Social at the White Lion Social website or her Facebook page. Or, follow her on Twitter:   @kimbagreen

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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