How Do I? (Cowork Frederick members only)

Date: May 21, 2019
Time: 1:30 pm  to  2:30 pm

Wrestling with a business problem and want some help? Bring it to this "How Do I?" session.

Want to help others - or learn as the group discusses business problems? Yep. Come to this "How Do I?"

What is a "How Do I?"

A "How Do I?" is collaborative workshop designed to help people with business problems by providing a venue to talk through that problem and get suggestions for solving it.

Why come to a How Do I?

When facing problems we sometimes get stuck in a thought loop chamber and can’t break out. People outside the problem can provide solutions we might not think of. Plus, group efforts - especially with diverse groups - simply result in better outcomes. Someone who works on their own can find it especially hard to get such group interaction - but not if you're a member of Cowork Frederick.

Oh - and - these sessions are a great way to learn while listening to the discussion. Come listen, learn, and contribute. Don't think you're enough of an "expert" to contribute? You might be surprised. Come see.

How It Works

The 3 Rules of "How Do I?"

Outside of our usual Playground Rules, these three rules apply:

  1. Business problems only
  2. What’s said in the room, stays in the room (like Vegas, but without the alcohol)
  3. Judgment free zone
122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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