Open Coworking Day

Open Coworking Day happens the 1st Friday of every month. It’s a day when we celebrate coworking with breakfast in the break room and welcome potential members to give coworking a try – free of charge.

This day isn’t just for test drives for potential members. It’s also for members, a targeted day when people who don’t come in much can reconnect with each other. Members on a Now & Then or Community plan can also come in free of charge (attending an event never counts as a “day”).

There’s typically new art on the Community Room art wall, in preparation for our 1st Saturday Frederick Artists Night event, so the space takes on a fun, fresh vibe.

And, as as mentioned earlier, there’s food.

Here’s how breakfast works. We always have a variety of bagels, cereal, and fruit. In addition, members can place an order for a breakfast sandwich (on us) from Beans & Bagels. Look for a message in the #from-cowork-frederick Slack channel asking for orders before each Open Coworking Day.

This is also a great day for heading out to one of the many great downtown restaurants for lunch together.

We hope you’ll join us each and every 1st Friday for a day of open coworking.

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