Office Supply Share

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Sharing is at the heart of coworking. We share all kinds of things, so it should come as no surprise that we share office supplies.  There is, in fact, a shared office supply shelf, furnished with envelopes, paperclips, tape, staplers (and staples), white-out and other office-type goodies. There are additional supplies in the drawers under the printers – mostly supplies for the printers, but there are also seldom-used things like some craft supplies.

Our shared office supply shelf is located on the first floor in the little hallway that runs between the Front room and the Community room.  Don’t see something you need? Ask. Odds are a fellow coworkers knows where to find it.

Members contribute most of our office supplies, which are available for all members to use. Isn’t this sort of give and take a beautiful thing? If you see something running low or missing, please pitch in.

Printer Supplies #

Because printer paper and ink are the most-used office supplies, they are worth mentioning separately. It would run contrary to our culture to “nickel and dime” members with things like per-page printing fees, so here’s the deal:  We provide printer paper and ink/toner as part of the cost of running this coworking space, but we run on a pretty lean budget to keep membership fees down.  So, if you print a lot (say more than 100 pages a month), please bring in a ream of (ideally recycled) printer paper, buy some ink or toner or just hand us some money to help us buy more. We’re not going to chase you down and ask for it. We trust you to do the right thing.

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