How to Make Coffee

  1. First, make sure the carafe is empty. If it’s not and you brew a new pot, you’re going to have a mess to clean up.
  2. After you’ve made sure the carafe is empty, take the empty carafe and put it in place in the coffee maker.
  3. Slide out the filter basket, toss any old filter and coffee left from the last pot in the compost bin, and put in a new filter. Filters are in the drawer under the coffee maker.
  4. Measure coffee grounds using the handy-dandy glass with nifty guidelines for a full or half pot (grounds should be level with the top of the line). Coffee (fair trade, organic, and locally roasted by Dublin Roasters Coffee) is in the special vented stainless steel canisters next to the coffee maker. Be sure to close the latch on the canister when you’re done so the coffee grounds stay fresh.
  5. Put the filter basket back in the coffee maker. Make sure the basket is fully in place (almost flush with the front of the machine). Sometimes the basket catches just short of being all the way in. If it does, just give it a little push and it should slide nicely into place. If the basket isn’t placed properly, things could get messy.
  6. Get the blue water pitcher (in the cabinet, above the mugs) and fill it with filtered water to the marked line (full or half pot). REMINDER: Make sure the carafe is in place in the coffee maker. If it’s not – yep, you guessed it – things will get messy.
  7. Open the lid on the top of the coffee maker and pour the water in. The heater will come on automatically while you’re doing this. The red Heating light will turn on.
  8. Close the lid and wait six (6) minutes. That’s one minute AFTER the red light goes out. If you take the carafe out too soon … (you know the rest).
  9. Enjoy the coffee. There’s no need to open the lid on the carafe; just pour. Half-and-half and almond milk are in the fridge. Sweeteners are on the counter.

Troubleshooting:  If the heating light doesn’t come on, check the power switch on the back of the machine (lower left). If that doesn’t fix it, see if the water/tea pot is working. If not, check the GFCI in the wall socket. Press the RESET button if needed. Still not working? Let someone know. It may be time for a trip to Café Nola, Beans & Bagels, or whatever serves as your favorite stand-in for a coffee fix.

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