Opening / Closing

Being a member of Cowork Frederick is kind of like having roommates. We all contribute toward the cost of having a place to work and keeping the lights on. We also all help keep the place going. Pitching in with opening and closing tasks is part of that.

There are two boards (one for am and one for pm) with to-do lists and magnetic marbles you can move to “Done!” as tasks are completed. Got a few minutes to spare? Check the boards to see what’s left to be done. Teamwork makes the dream work, so feel free to invite a fellow coworker to help.

If you’re among the first ones in, please:
– Turn on the first floor lights
– Bring in the newspaper
– If needed, bring in the recycle bin
– If dishes are clean (see guide posted above the dishwasher), empty the dishwasher.
– Rinse out the dog bowl, fill it with clean water and put it out on the steps. (skip the weather is bad)
– Wipe down the counters and tidy-up the the break room, as needed

Last one down from the second floor? Please:
– Empty the upstairs trashcans into the one by the break room.
– Put recycling from upstairs in the recycle bin downstairs.
– Make sure all upstairs lights are turned off.

Heading out at the end of the day?  Please:
– Empty and bring in the dog water bowl. Set it on the radiator by the door.
– If the dishwasher is full, run the dishwasher. (soap is in the cabinet to the left)
– If the trash bag by the break room is full, put it out at the curb and put a new bag in the can.
– If the recycle bin is full, put recycle bin at curb. (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights only)
– Make sure all the lights are off.
– Make sure the door is locked (red light on the keypad/reader) and is fully latched.

Wait – shouldn’t “staff” be doing this?
We don’t really have “staff”. While Glen and Julia each receive a small salary, both have other things they do to earn a living. Not covering the cost of staff helps us keep expenses – and your fees – down and honestly is the only way Cowork Frederick remains sustainable.

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