(Your) Events at Cowork Frederick

If you’ve been thinking of launching a meetup or giving a series of talks, if you need a place for a book signing, campaign launch, or for the non-profit board you’re on to meet, we’ve got just the place. Actually, YOU, have.

If you’ve been wanting to connect with others with similar interests, want to share your knowledge and experiences, we’re your people.

Some events at Cowork Frederick are organized by Glen and/or Julia. Others are organized by members. Some events pack our Community Room and some are casual and small. Some are recurring, some one-time.

Throw a baby shower for a fellow member. Celebrate the launch of a website. Teach a class. Organize a hackathon or a reading circle. It’s all good. There is no one “right” kind of event at Cowork Frederick. But there is a right way. Read on.

Renting space for your private event #

Cowork Frederick meeting rooms (conference & community) are available to members at significantly discounted rates (free in some cases). They are there for you to hold your client workshops, design sessions, board meetings, etc. – events meant for a private group of people.

Planning a Community Event #

The only difference between you and someone who has already run an event at Cowork Frederick is they’ve done it. Is there an event you’ve been wishing we had? Why not get together with another member (or three) and plan it? Here are some tips:

  1. The very best events are inclusive and invite participation from fellow members.
    Ask yourself:
    – How does this event bring members of the community together?
    – How can members contribute?
    – How can members attend?
  2. Talk to Glen or Julia.
    We want to know what you’re planning so we can help. At the least, we’ll get the event on the calendar and help promote it. If you need a room, you’ll need us to reserve it for you to get it free.
  3. “Own” the event and everything related to it.
    It rarely works to start something and leave it to others to finish. Lead the effort. Coordinate tasks needed to be ready for the event. Make sure you have all bases covered. For example, if you’re not comfortable setting the projector up, make sure someone will be there to do it.
  4. Reach out to fellow Coworkers to help.
    We mean it when we day we’re here “Because together is better”. Teamwork is an awesome thing and it’s how we roll. We do things together. The Cowork Frederick community has a wide variety of skills and resources. Don’t waste that.
  5. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.
    Share as much as you can, as often as you can, using multiple channels. Post flyers at Cowork and, if you want, around town. Post the event on Slack. Talk to people. Talking – and listening – to people is the best way to get feedback about your event.
  6. Follow-up on the event after it happens.
    What went well? What could have gone better? Touch base with those who helped with the event and also with Glen or Julia. Your share will help us do even better next time.

Event Guidelines #

These guidelines apply whether you’re organizing a private event, class, workshop, etc. for your clients, friends, or family, or you’re organizing an event for members of Cowork Frederick.

  • First, and foremost, all attendees should abide by our Playground Rules.
  • Meeting rooms must be reserved. Most members get a big discount on meeting room reservations for their own events. Rooms are free for Cowork Frederick events (see Julia).
  • You’re responsible for cleaning up afterwards. Leave the place like you found it (or better). Put the tables and chairs back, wipe things down, take out the trash, run the dishwasher, etc.
  • Of course, charging a fee for your workshop, class, pr event is perfectly OK. While there’s no requirement to do so, some past event organizers have offered a discount to fellow members to encourage participation.

Attending an Event #

Upcoming events can be found on the Cowork Frederick website and in weekly Member News emails. You may also receive invitations via email. Some events are for members only, some are open to guests of members, and some are open to the general public. Some require that you RSVP / register in advance to participate and some are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Please check the event calendar page and/or invitation for details about the event. Reach out to the organizer if you have any questions.

Past Community Event Examples #

Here are some examples of past events and activities organized by Cowork members:

  • Social Media Therapy – a series of workshops organized (Kimba Green)
  • How to Write So People Will Read You – one-time presentation organized (Beth Conny)
  • Creative Work Session – work on your own project, with others (Courtney Johnson)
  • Women Who Cowork – a morning gathering over coffee/tea/breakfast (Sue Slagle)
  • AWS Meetup – educational presentations (Patrick Pierson)

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