The best communication often happens live and in-person. That’s not always possible or practical, so we have a variety of other ways to communicate.

Slack (our virtual water cooler) #

If you haven’t joined the Cowork Frederick Slack group, you definitely should. An invitation was sent to the email address you gave us when you joined Cowork Frederick. If you need a new invitation, see Julia.

Slack is how members chat with each other on a number of topics (“channels”). There are channels for sharing parking tips, where you can get updates on food in the break room or invites to lunch, or for accountability. Once you’re in Slack, click on “Channels” to see a list of available channels. Members can create new channels, so we recommend periodically checking the list of channels to see if there’s anything of interest.

Slack also lets us communicate with each other without having to know email addresses using direct messages. If a guest/client arrives for you and you’re not here, we’ll notify you with a DM in Slack. If you signed up for mail service, we’ll send you notices about mail delivery via Slack.

For helpful tips and more on how we use Slack, check out this article.

Member News Emails #

We send weekly Member News emails with important updates on things like membership plans or work space changes, useful tips about how things work at Cowork Frederick, a list of upcoming events, and more.

We use Mailchimp to send these emails. Your membership agreement says you agree to receive communications from us via email. You were added to the Cowork Frederick Member mailing list when you signed up. Per Mailchimp’s policies, we have to provide an option to unsubscribe from emails. Please don’t. When we discover it we’ll add you back in (because our agreement with you says we can) and, in the meantime, you might miss out on something important.

Event Invitations #

We post events our calendar and share news of them in our weekly email and in Slack (with links to register where applicable). You will occasionally receive email invitations to bigger events like the Cowork Frederick anniversary or holiday parties and some classes where we need a headcount to know how much food and drink is needed or where seats are limited.

Posted Signs #

We also post signs, guides and notes around the building. For example, there are instructions for making coffee above the coffee maker and labels on many cabinet doors or drawers. We post signs about events and other messages around the building. Flyers, news articles or other information about your business or upcoming events that you’re organizing can be posted on the “Member News & Information” bulletin board in the entryway.

Website Member Area #

Last, but not least, we communicate through the Member Area of the Cowork Frederick website. This is where you can find a Member Handbook with everything from how to make coffee to who “Community Cultivators” are. You’ll also find notes from member meetings, a list of upcoming events, and so much more.

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