December First Saturday Art: Build Your Wings Photography

Our first guest this month was a local artist who came to ask about being an Artist of the Month! It's great to know word is getting out! All we ask in return is the chance to enjoy their art the rest of the month! This month, we get to enjoy the art of Cowork Frederick member Michael Gray and wife Katherine (Kat).

 The Build Your Wings photography pair  arrived Saturday afternoon and quickly hung their photography on our art wall in the Multi-purpose room, set up displays on every flat surface they could find, and put out snacks. They even brought apple cider and mulled the spices right there in our break room. Yum!

We've really come to enjoy these First Satruday events and like them even better when one of our members is the artist.  You might recall that Cowork Frederick member Jessica Hibbard was our very first Artist of the Month.   


We spent a very enjoyable evening studying the photographs, listening to Christmas music, and talking about the places they had been (as shown in the photos) and receiving those who came in to see what we had on display this month.


The excitment proved to be a bit too much for some.  Meet Kat (Michael's wife and fellow artist) and River, daughter of Kat and Michael Gray, who has been to every First Saturday Artist of the Month event since we opened. Oh to be able to sleep like that again!

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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