December Artists: Katherine and Michael Gray

Build Your Wings Photography is a team consisting of Katherine and Michael Gray. Katherine and Michael are full-time photographers, writers, and all-around creative folks. They live on the side of a mountain with their daughter, a dog, several cats, and the occasional wild turkey. You can find their work published in several popular programs, including the Today ShowMSNBCTecca.comTUAW, and WoW Insider.

Back in the halcyon days of yore (i.e., high school in the early 1990s), Katherine was part of a crack team of bleeding-edge tech geeks, music nerds, and writers convinced they were the next Tolkien. Now she has a master’s degree in publishing that she hopes will someday prove to be useful, and a job history that includes everything from technical writer to barista to cemetery intern. She babbles about books and shows off her photography in her personal blog at, talks about parenting their beautiful new daughter at Fenceposts and Faerie Wings, and is thrilled to be finally realizing her dream of being a professional photographer.

Michael worked in local newspapers and national news sites; his writing has appeared across syndication for nearly 20 years. He managed operations at a national veterinary pharmacy, wrote about customer business theory for professional publications, and moved to the mountains to follow Thoreau’s advice.

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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