Day Passes

Day Passes are a great way to give Cowork Frederick a try if you're considering membership. They're also perfect for those who need a place to work on a temporary basis. Come in any day, Monday through Friday (we're open to the public from 9 am to 5 pm). No need to sign up - just show up, get on our network where you can pay for your Day Pass with a credit card. A Day Pass is just $25. If you decide to join our community, we’ll apply the $25 toward the cost of your membership.

We also offer a book of 5 Day Passes for $100. That's the price for 4 individual passes, so whether you view it as a 20% discount or getting one free, it's a great deal! You can buy a 5-Pack online here or drop in to our location at 122 E Patrick St and buy them in person.

Need a private room to meet and work?  Rent our Conference Room.

What can you use Day Passes for?

- Those annoying days when your internet or power goes out and you have to get that project finished!
- When you're visiting Frederick and need to get some work done in a work-appropriate environment.
- Short-term projects when you want to get away from the office and focus.
- Snow days when you can't drive to work and don't want to work from home.
- When the coffee shop is just not working as a place to work.
- Heck, any time you don't want to go into the office or try to work from home or coffee shop.

Day Pass 5-Pack

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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