Work for yourself, not by yourself

You finally did it: convinced the boss to let you telecommute or decided to fly solo and set out on your own. Either way, once the rush of escaping the commute wore off, you realized something was missing. Where's the creative interaction? The buzz from bouncing ideas off others? The chance to learn something new every day?  It's right here.

Welcome to the Un-Office

We're Cowork Frederick: coffee shop meets living room meets office. The un-office. We're people working side-by-side; connecting, sharing, learning, contributing, growing, working and having fun. We're people doing their own thing, choosing to work together rather than alone.

It’s about the community

Sure, Cowork Frederick provides the essentials: desk, chair, power, internet, printers, fax, etc. But we're far more than a place with office equipment. Cowork Frederick is a growing community that brings opportunities to network, to learn, to grow your business, to team with others, to contribute and be a part of something. There's more to coworking than co-working.

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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