Cowork Frederick Welcomes the Business Factory of Frederick

Frederick is about to get another coworking space. The Business Factory of Frederick, located at 801 N. East Street Suite 6A, opens January 11, 2013, providing further evidence that coworking has growing appeal in Frederick. We're still learning about our new neighbors, so we'll just give a brief intro here from what we've learned from a few brief chats and a read of their website.

The "Biz Factory" or "BFF" provides collaborative workspace and professional support services for entrepreneurs, especially the vibrant small businesses, non-profits, and artists that are redefining the Frederick, Maryland community and its surrounding areas. Our understanding is that they have a specific focus on small start-ups looking to scale their business, offering related education and support.

We'll be at their grand opening and will also be meeting directly with the General Manager of the Business Factory of Frederick soon to learn more and hope, in the interest of the broader coworking community and best spirit of coworking collaboration, to be announcing some joint events soon.  To date, the folks at BFF have been very busy preparing for their grand opening -- something we completely understand having had our own grand opening for Cowork Frederick last September.

RegusFor a more formal business atmosphere and options that include things like a receptionist that will answer the phone with your business name, Regus Westview Business Center, located at 5100 Buckeystown Pike is an option. Julie Bain is the manager, and please let her know you heard about them here.

For a specific focus on small business incubation, you might find the Frederick Innovative Technology Center beneficial.  Bottom line - Frederick's creative, innovative, entreprenial spirit has plenty of support through the businesses mentioned here and so many other organzations (talk to the great folks at the Frederick Department of Economic Development for a complete list).

It's hard to describe coworking, but we and the Business Factory of Frederick have both done our best to do so on our websites. Still, there's nothing like seeing for yourself. Every coworking space is a little different because what's most important about any coworking space is the community. If you're wondering which works best for you, stop by. Better yet, take a day to work there and truly experience it for yourself.

Here's how one of the members of Cowork Frederick describes it, "I’m coworking because I want coworkers. I like the collaboration. Coworking is working in a space with other, like-minded and similarly skilled individuals. ... surrounding myself with an environment of other professionals doing the same thing I am: continuously building their skills, careers, networks, and profiles. It’s not a telework center, where you land in a cubicle and wait for the day to end. It’s a thriving not-incubator where things get incubated, a not-office where we’re all working."

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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