Coming Soon: Comingle Frederick, a community membership

Cowork Frederick is, first and foremost, a community. The best part of being a member of that community is connecting with other freelancers, entrepreneurs and teleworkers in a wide variety of industries – people who, for a variety of reasons, wanted a better way to work, to share ideas, to learn, and, ultimately, a better life.

Real quotes from members of the Cowork Frederick community:

2016-04-aiga-essentials-mtg-1We realized some time ago there are people who want to be a part of all that, but who don't necessarily need a place to work on a regular basis. Community can happen in a particular place, but it doesn't have to be tied to a place. Community is something bigger (and much better) than place. So, following the lead of some of our favorite early adopters and shapers of the coworking movement, Cowork Frederick is expanding our membership options to include one that isn't about coming into our coworking space to do work.

Comingle with us.

Starting in January 2017, people can join our community for a promotional price of just $14/month or $148, prepaid for a year. The promotional rate  will be locked in for those who join by June 30, 2017. After June 30, rates will increase for new members. A Comingle membership will provide:

Cowork with us.

2016-11-coworking-croppedOf course, coworking, at a variety of membership levels remains. All coworking members are automatically part of the community. A "comingle" membership is included with any coworking membership. Coworking members also have benefits tied to working in our building:



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