City Eco Development will be working here too!

I had a nice talk with Richard Griffin from the city Department of Economic Development at our grand opening yesterday. I floated the offer that his department was welcome to come and work here once a month to keep in touch with and be easily accessible to our small business owners. I was wonderfully caught off guard when he enthusiastically agreed. His follow up email today confirmed that he wasn't just caught up in the excitement of the moment. So, I'm happy to announce the Frederick Dept. of Eco. Development has agreed to work from Cowork Frederick once a month. Details need to be ironed out, so let us know if there's a preferred day or a day to avoid. For example, if the second Tuesday conflicts with some other local business event. Drop us an email, use the contact form, or share your opinion the next time you're in "the office."

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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