Christmas Coworkers & Day Pass Gift Promotion

Wondering how it has come to pass that we have elf displays in our windows? It all started with an email from the Downtown Frederick Partnership, asking if we wanted to join other downtown businesses in decorating our windows for Christmas with something related to our business. Hmmm ... Christmas coworking ... Santa's workshop ... Elves!  For the record, we originally set our sites on a full display of a workshop, built out a couple of feet from the window with a backdrop, but thought the better of it when we only had 1 day to get the display up.  Next year, we'll start much earlier!

Then, through discussions with several Cowork Frederick members, the idea of promoting Day Passes as last minute gifts was formed. So, now on our windows and around town, there are signs promoting Cowork Frederick Day Passes at a discounted rate of $20 each or $50 for 3.  "Know someone who works all day at the coffee shop? ...", "Know someone who works at home alone? Want to get that 'special someone' out of your home so you can be alone?", "Know an entrepreneur, ..."

122 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
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