September 1, 2017
Cowork Frederick Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary

Cowork Frederick announces a party to celebrate five years of coworking in Frederick. The party will highlight our mission, key contributors to that mission, and raise funds for improvements to our work space. We launched Frederick’s first and only coworking space after learning of the global movement that is revolutionizing the way independent workers work. […]

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May 27, 2017
The Story Behind the New Seed of Life Frederick Website

Cowork Frederick will soon host a website launch party and fund raiser for Seed of Life in Frederick. The June 11 event is newsworthy, but the back-story is even better. It's a story about a farmer with a passion for community, who does grass-roots, hands-on good by growing and providing food, by educating people about healthy food, […]

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April 20, 2017
Freelancers: Everything You Need to Know About Getting Jobs, Getting Paid, and Getting Ahead

Sharing this informative post aimed at informing freelancers about getting jobs, getting paid, and getting ahead.  From the post: "Freelancers, listen up. How many of you know how to legally establish a business, set a fair rate for yourself, get your taxes right, and invest smartly in a retirement plan? The world is quickly shifting […]

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