February 9, 2014
Teens for Jeans

Did you know that approximately one out of every three homeless people in the U.S. is under 18 years of age, and that the most requested item of teenagers in shelters is a pair of blue jeans?  Why jeans?  Because jeans are durable, warm and provide a sense of normalcy for teens in crisis. Frederick […]

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February 4, 2014
Featured Member: Jennifer Gerlock

My first memory of Jennifer Gerlock is from early Cowork Frederick members defined her as someone  “who ABSOLUTELY HAS to join Cowork Frederick”. I later met her – briefly – at an AAF Christmas Party. Soon she was stopping by for meetings with Cowork Frederick members.  She began promoting us, introducing us to Ananda at WHAG, who did a […]

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January 28, 2014
'Working in the UnOffice' Book Review

I had never heard of coworking when I accepted my internship at Cowork Frederick last month. I found myself tripping over words, trying to explain to friends and family where I would be interning this semester. I don’t understand what coworking is. Help! Luckily, Julia recommended a book to read before beginning my time at […]

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