August Artist of the Month: Tom Semmes

2013-08 Tom Art 1We're so happy to have yet another of our members show off their artistic ability by being an "artist of the month" at Cowork Frederick. Tom Semmes joined Cowork Frederick as a part-time member in January and soon thereafter was the first to sign up for a full-time, dedicated desk. He earns his living designing and building websites and teaching classes on the subject under his business name TGS Creative, but his first love was art.

2013-08 Tom Art 2Tom first started painting as a young teenager, inspired by the forests and streams that surrounded his rural home and by art at DC museums, especially the work of the Impressionists and Pierre Bonnard at the Phillips Collection.  Tom studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design, and later used this background to develop a career in the field of graphic arts.

Tom is primarily a representational painter but there’s a strong abstract element to his work, using rich color and expressive brush strokes. “I start with an idea, whether of a particular subject or a certain color or shape, and work until all elements create a kind of harmony.  Sometimes the process happens quickly and other times it requires many revisions. A work isn’t done until the original idea that started falls by the way side and the work starts to speak by itself.”

2013-08 Tom Art 4Tom works mostly with acrylics and oils.  “I love creating an alternative world through form and color, one that looks similar to our own but also works by its own rules. My hope is that each painting of mine enhances the space that it is in and gives pleasure for a long time. It should help you see the world with fresh eyes.”

Tom has also long practiced meditation. “This informs my life as an artist. In the viewpoint of meditation we are all artists since to live fully requires a creative spirit.”

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