Artist of the Month and Frederick Artists Night

Typical day at Cowork Frederick

Most of the time Cowork Frederick is a place where our members ("Coworkers") come to do their work. We have events for our members such as lunch-and-learns and happy hours, as well as events open to the public. Among those open to the public is Frederick Artists Night (FAN), an event that goes hand-in-hand with our Artist of the Month Program. FAN includes an art exhibit by a local (Frederick County) artist, music from a local singer/songwriter/musician, and may also include poetry readings, or talks about artistry. Why? Because, as we posted back in 2014, local art matters.

About Cowork Frederick's Artist of the Month Program

Jessica Hibbard Art Exhibit

Our Artist of the Month Program brings local art to the walls of Cowork Frederick for a more creative, vibrant work environment while promoting local art. The program includes hosting a Frederick Artists Night (FAN) event the first Saturday of each month where local artists exhibit their work to the general public. Qualifying participants are assigned a month on a first-come-first-served basis. Art is hung the week prior to the first Saturday of the month is left on our art roughly 30 days.  Past artists include Sara Knox, Sumner Crenshaw, Bill Adkins, and Tom Semmes.

To qualify for Cowork Frederick's Artist of the Month program:
Cowork Frederick's Art Wall

Eric Stavale Art Exhibit

Cowork Frederick's art wall is located in our "Community Room" (a large room on our first floor). It has a gallery-style hanging system and gallery lighting.  The wall is roughly 30 feet wide, so it can hold a lot of art. Think 8 large (36 inches wide), 12 medium (24 inches), or 30 small pieces (or a combination thereof). Even more if hung in columns. All art displayed under the Artist of the Month program must be hung on this wall.  Additional pieces and promotional materials for sale can be placed on tables for the FAN event.

About Frederick Artists Night (FAN)

Joelle Herman's Art Exhibit

On the First Saturday of each month, Cowork Frederick celebrates local creativity with an event we call "Frederick Artists Night".  The event is open to the public and runs from 3:00 to 9:00 pm (to coincide with and qualify for Downtown Frederick First Saturday promotion).

The Artist of the Month holds a reception for his/her art exhibit and is present with the art from 3:00 to 9:00 pm to answer questions and talk about his/her art. The art hung on the wall can be sold, as can additional items such as calendars, postcards, notepads, or refrigerator magnets - as long as they contain artwork from the Artist of the Month. We encourage artists to be creative on how they take advantage of this opportunity.  Cowork Frederick does not take a commission on any of it.

Pretty Gritty

Live acoustic music from local (Frederick County) musicians is played, usually from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. We aim for at least some original compositions. After all, the point of the FAN event is to celebrate creativity. Musicians set up inside in a room adjacent the Community Room where the art is hung or, weather permitting, on the sidewalk in front of our building.  Visitors are welcome to grab a chair and listen or just wander through the art exhibit. Poetry readings, or talks about creativity may also take place in this room.  We're open to suggestions that help raise the creative vibe for Frederick Artists night.

Why be a Cowork Frederick Artist of the Month?

Interested?  Contact us at

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