Announcing Write Directions Institute

I’m very excited to announce the launch the Write Directions Institute based out of Cowork Frederick. The Institute will offer a variety of classes about all-things-writing, from taking a book from idea to market, to self-publishing, how libraries choose books,  copyright law, technical writing, and so much more.

This has been a labor of love for Beth Conny. a member of Cowork Frederick for over 4 years, and for me and partnering with Beth in this manner is right up Cowork Frederick’s alley. Cowork Frederick is all about the success and happiness of our members and we encourage them to bring us ideas for how the Cowork Frederick community can support them in reaching their goals.

Beth joined Cowork Frederick shortly after we opened our doors and was a Featured Cowork Frederick Member in October 2013. Over the years, she’s taught classes and presented a variety of topics in our meeting rooms, often to a packed house. Her creative artwork has brightened our walls. Her latest book, “Fearless Creativity”, has a home on the coffee table in our sitting room. Beth has been an integral part of Cowork Frederick since the beginning, so when she approached me with the idea of launching Write Directions Institute with the support of Cowork Frederick, I was all ears.

Several meetings later, we had confirmed the details. Beth would handle matters related to class content, including defining and preparing course materials and setting the class schedule. While she would teach a number of classes herself, she would also bring in other instructors to teach (including other Cowork members like Matt Johnston and Kimba Green), overseeing their work to ensure consistency and quality. Cowork Frederick would provide the room and equipment and would handle ticket sales and record keeping.  Both would promote.

Classes begin March 24 and will continue throughout the year, typically with three classes scheduled each month. Here's a sampling of the classes on the horizon:

About Beth Mende Conny

Beth is the president of Write Directions and the founder of the Write Directions Institute. She has had several great ideas for books and has, in fact, written, edited and ghosted more than four dozen of them. Beth also serves as book coach and mentor to writers in “active writing mode,” namely, those ready to launch, develop and publish their work. Learn more about Beth, her services and workshops at and on Facebook.

About Julia Ferguson

Julia Ferguson describes herself as a Leader, Thinker, Planner, and Designer. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and has ventured into a variety of areas over the course of her life. Julia has 25 years of experience in IT, running global implementation teams, speaking at conferences, and launching new areas of business. She is a real estate investor. As a singer-songwriter herself, she created “Starlight” software designed to help songwriters manage their songwriting business. Julia's latest venture is Cowork Frederick, which she founded, with her husband Glen, in 2012.

About Cowork Frederick

Cowork Frederick's mission is to be a catalyst for the success of freelancers, teleworkers and entrepreneurs by providing a way for them to come together to work and share ideas, expertise and mutual support. We believe society is facing unprecedented economic, environmental, social and cultural challenges. Coworking addresses those challenges by changing how we do work. It facilitates connection, shares resources, lowers hurdles to launching a business, provides a support infrastructure, and allows people to be a part of something while pursuing their own goals.


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